Quality Policy

【Management Philosophy (Basic Principles)】

Contribute to the society widely by producing creative and high valued products, and aim to a company with happiness and dream for all employees.

【Quality Policies】

1.Strive to improve customers’ satisfaction through recognition of importance in observing applicable laws and       regulations, provision of high quality and distinctive products.

2.Establish and promote quality management system through business activities and improve its effectiveness       continuously.

3.Set quality targets based on the quality policy, confirm and review the degree of achievement.

4.The above quality policies are fully informed to all employees and are publicized externally.

【Scope of quality management】

 1.Applicable business establishment

 2.Applicable business
       Design, manufacturing and sales of screws and industrial fasteners

       Head office / Saitama factory:
         4-7-31 Kamimuneoka, Shiki-city, Saitama prefecture 353-0001, Japan
       Hitachi sales branch:
         3-6-12 Higashitagachou, Hitachi-city, Ibaraki prefecture 316-0004, Japan
       Nagoya sales branch:
         103 Kubohonmachi, Komaki-city, Aichi prefecture 485-0005, Japan

Environmental Policy

【Basic Principles】

CROWN SCREW CORPORATION recognizes the importance of environmental preservation as one of its main management issues, and by promoting environmental preservation activities, we look to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

【Environment Policies】

1.Through the business activities of the development, production and sales of screws and other special heading parts,       all employees promote environmental preservation activities and strive for continuous improvement and the       prevention of pollution.

2.All employees abide by environmental laws and regulations, ordinances, agreements and other demands that our       company agrees to.

3.As an important theme of environmental preservation activities, employees will engage in the following items and       there will be reviews depending on the results.

 1)Reduction of energy consumption

 2)Effective utilization of resources

 3)Reduction of waste

 4)Provision of environment-conscious products

4.The above environmental policies are fully informed to all employees and are publicized externally.