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PresidentSumito Mochizuki
CapitalJPY 120 million
FoundedOctober 15, 1960
EmployeesDomestic: 250 people (consolidated) Overseas: 400 people
Head office address4-7-31 Kamimuneoka Shiki-shi Saitama Japan 353-0001 
Tel: +81-48(472)3411
Fax: +81-48(473)5522
Management philosophy Contributing to the society widely, by producing creative and high valued products, and aiming to a company with happiness and dream for all employees.
Products   DELTITE ®  (Lower driving torque screw)
  POLY DELTITE ®  (Anti-loose lower torque screw)
  POLY WAVE ®  (Locking screw)
  PLAX ®  (Screw for plastics)
  LIP SCREW ®  (Screw for thin plates)
  RibLok  ® (Stud bolt)
  SHOLDEK ®  (Shoulder screw with zero imcomplete   thread)
  VIEW HEAD ® (Screw for exterior use)
  Micro Fastener (Small heading part/Screw)
  Special heading parts
  Machine screw
  Tapping screw
Mission statementSincerity, Indomitable Spirit and Inventiveness
Employee principles 1. Producing good products economically and earlier for customer's    trust.
2. Improving characters and abilities by continuous study.
3. Establising energetic and clean working environment.
4. Endeavoring to harmony and mutural prosperity with society    having awareness as a member of society.