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  Since founded in 1960, we have built the foundation of company today by establishing mass production system of self-tapping screws. With rapid technological innovation, we have designed and developed various orignal products with patents acquired leading to increase oue sales perfomance. In recent years,we have been challenging our limits of fine precision processing by utilizing and inventing our applied technology of cold forming. Our fastening products with various function are well-reputed in the market. We continue to do"Monozukuri(Japanese manufacture)"for improving and developing further technological innovation to satisfy and adapt to the changing demand in the market.


Sales Division

  For a wide variety of demands,we provide products available for safety and securely use by combining and integrating our ourstanding production technology and research and development. Also,we have been developing trust in relationship with customers from the stage of designing to production,delivery and careful after-sales service after delivery.


Technical Development Dvision

  We have designed original products adapting multiple purposes and application and introduced them in the market as patented products. By breaking down a conventional fixed idea of cold forming,we have always been searching new technological development to meet changing demands in the market.                                             


Production Division

  For sophiscated and diversified customers' demand, we always introduce state-of-the-artproduction facilities and equipment to efficiently produce high-precision and high-quality products. Also,by in-house production of tooling, we respond to custmers' demand in details, short-item delivery and so on.


Quality Control Dividsion

   In addition to product and technological development, we thoroughly pursue quality assurance from all perspectives. Not just acquiring ISO 9001 certified, we have our own quality standards to establish quality assurance system and necessary inspection equipment are fully-equipped to satisfy quality requirement from customers.

Quality Assurance Chart(PDF)